Certifications - FAQs

Why can't I Take an Exam as a Teacher/Proctor?

Precision Exams strongly discourages proctors and administrators from taking our exams. We understand your desire to preview the exam content, types of questions, and get to know the platform, but we just can't let you in. Here's why...


  1. To protect the integrity of the exams. These are used as high stake exams across the country for a variety of testing and funding purposes, such as Perkins grants.
  2. To protect proctors and teachers from liability and to help keep them within their local/state statutes and guidelines.
  3. Certification exams are written from the Knowledge Standards. Teaching to the Knowledge Standards ensures that students obtain the knowledge necessary for the certification, and are not simply memorizing answers. There is NOTHING on the exam that isn't outlined on the Knowledge Standards.
  4. Precision Exams is not the sole owner of all of the exams or content. We have a number of partner states and other entities with vested time and resources. If exams are compromised, there is a considerable liability.

What are my options?

We offer a few sample exams that can help ease any anxiety and uncertainty that comes with using a new exam platform. Students can be introduced to the user interface, how to log in, and the types of questions asked.

Our Student Experience Video provides you and your students the opportunity to walk through a sample exam with one of our Customer Support Team members.


For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356, Toll-Free 800-470-1215